Blog Reviews

Blogs are a source of inspiration and enlighten the soul after a long day. One blog we enjoy reading and find constant sewing inspiration is  Made by Melli Blog . 

She recently blogged about running and created stylish fitted activewear outfits to fit her style and journey.

We have been so lucky to part of a awe-inspiring garment sewing community and Melissa is just one blogger that will for sure inspire you to be your very best. She recently reviewed our Nylon Lycra Bohemian Inspired Prints and were so excited to see the finished product!! She used our Tie Dye Print to create a beautiful garment using an activewear pattern by called 5 out 4 patterns
and gorgeous Jillian Tank by Green Style Creations. 

The Jillian Tank turned out wonderful and was featured in Made by Melli's blog for the Strong is the New Skinny Blog Tour.  Our  Nylon Spandex Floral Studio Print was used for the activewear tank and it turned out wonderful!!

If you are looking to try out a new sewing project with stretchy knits, we carry unique on trend prints! Click HERE for more looks!





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