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With Rayon Voile finally taking off and seeing sewists trying out this substrate, we were overjoyed to see our Abstract Specks Rayon Voile featured in The Pug & Needle's Blog. After an overload of  pug cuteness from her instagram, we were happy to see a shout out to us as the Rayon Voile was used to pattern test Emerson Shorts for True Bias. This pattern is wonderful as it can be used to create pants or shorts! A perfect pattern for everyday day to day from work to home depending on fabric choice.

What is the difference between Rayon Voile and Rayon Challis? To keep it plain and simple- they are both wovens and both natural fibers. The difference....Rayon Voile- Ultra Lightweight, silky like hand and liquid like drape, it is semi sheer. Rayon Challis has a matte look and not as see thru as the voile. Still soft but does not have that slight sheen like voile.

As you can see tell via our online shop...WE LOVE RAYON! Rayon crepe, Rayon voile, Rayon challis, Rayon Knits. Just a tad obsessed :) We know it can get overwhelming picking thru Rayon but if you see The Pug and Needles latest make you will definitely become of fan of her blog AND learn to love Rayon Voile!

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