Apparel Techno Scuba Stable Knits

Techno Scuba Black Solid Knit

SKU: S7102

Content: 96% Polyester / 4%Spandex

Width: 58"/60"

Description: This medium weight lofty knit has a 40% stretch and is ideal for pencil skirts, structured shorts, bodycon dresses, peplum tops, blazers.  Smooth hand, minimal drape, and comparable in weight to a  ponte knit. This is a lighter version and if looking for a true heavier apparel scuba  knit, black is available HERE.

Machine wash cold, hang dry.

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$ 6.98

English Romantic Rose Ivory Techno Apparel Scuba Knit

SKU: SP11404

Origin: Imported

Content: 94% Poly, 6% Spandex.

Width: 58/60

Description: This medium weight 10.5 oz knit is a hit in the garment industry! It is comparable to a ponte de roma knit in weight and is perfect for structured apparel clothes such as pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, pants, and jackets. It is commonly referred to as techno, scuba, and occasionally neoprene. It is a lofty stretchy stable double knit fabric of finely spun polyester fibers that create a super soft hand, excellent recovery, 4 way stretch, and low sheen.

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

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Techno Scuba Knit Solid Black

SKU: S2522

Content: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

Width: 60"

Description: This is a true apparel scuba knit, 300 GSM, 4 way stretch, excellent recovery. Perfect for structured garments such as peplum tops, bodycon dresses, and skirts. Also referred to as techno, this part of neoprene ( Surf/ Body board wetsuits) family however lighter weight for apparel wear.  A double knit,medium weight knit with 30% stretch, smooth hand, and matte finish! If you are looking for fabric for form fitting apparel this is a must! Ideal for costuming!

 Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry.

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