Notion: Mettler Denim Doc Thread #3624 Light Indigo Cotton Covered Polyester 40wt-109 yards- Sold by the Spool

$ 3.95
SKU: MET5100-3624

SKU: MET5100-3624

The thread is very suitable for standard sewing and embroidery machines. The perfect combination of polyester core and cotton covering guarantees an outstanding performance during sewing and in the seam.

Content: 70% Polyester/30% Cotton

Description:  DENIM DOC is the perfect thread for denim seams and for darning. The thread is particularly well-suited for closing, topstitch and serging seams. Excellent results can also be achieved when used as needle thread for matt embroideries.

VENDOR : Mettler
PRODUCT TYPE : Cotton Covered Polyester
COLOR : Light Indigo
MATERIALS : 70% Polyester / 30% Cotton
COUNT : 109 yds
SIZE : 40 wt