Kaufman Trainers Cotton Spandex Navy French Terry Fleece Knit 7.37oz -Sold by the Yard

$ 14.95
SKU: FT9823

SKU: FT9823

Content: 95% Cotton/ 5% Spandex

Width: 61"

Description: A soft fleece flat matte smooth side knit with back side with micro terry looping with fleece. Vertical give 50%, no horizontal stretch. 7.37 oz knit Ideal for the Nikko Top & Dress by True Bias, Ringer T-Shirt and Dress by True Bias,  Sitka Sweatshirt by Hey June Handmade, Mile End Sweatshirt Pattern by Closet Core Patterns.

 Pictured: Sitka Sweatshirt by Hey June Patterns. 

Picture courtesy of Kaufman Fabrics.