Famous Maker Premium Herringbone Jacquard Knit

$ 11.98
SKU: 101025

SKU: 101025

Content:  Contents Unknown- Designer deadstock. Nylon/Rayon/Spandex

Width: 52"/54"

Description: A nice medium/heavy knit with 90% horizontal stretch and 40% vertical. This double knit is designer overstock and ideal for coats, jackets, blazers, sheath dresses, skirts, a structured cardigan, and comparable in weight to ponte/liverpool with a nice hand and pattern. Black and Charcoal herringbone with charcoal gray backside. Fabric can be used as a reverse with  solid and a pop of pattern texture with cuffs and collars for jackets.

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.

Up to 3 yards ships in a padded envelope. Next shipping tier applies as fabric is a thicker fall/winter cozy knit.