End of Bolt; 1-1/4th yards of Saguaro Retro Border Print Floral Swim & Performance Wear Brown Knit

$ 5.00
SKU: SWM62598


SKU: SWM62598

Content: Nylon/Spandex

Type: Swim, Active-wear, Performance-wear

Weight: Medium weight

Stretch: 75% horizontal, 50% vertical

A large scale border print. Border on both sides.from light brown to dark brown. Features retro inspired geo florals.

Uses: swimwear, activewear, leggings for exercise,  leotard, undergarments.

A cool, stretchy, thicker matte moisture wicking knit

Colors: Brown, Red, Blue, Mustard, 

Care: Machine wash cold ,tumble dry low

Remnant cuts- last of bolts. 1-1/4th yard remnant cuts available for $5.00 for entire rem piece. 

Enter quantity 1 in field for 1 remnant piece


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