End of BOlt: 3.5 yards of Arcadia Vertical Stripe Black and Ivory Blousewear Crepe Woven

$ 15.00
SKU: FL115

SKU: FL115

Content: 99% Polyester, 1% Spandex

Width: 58"/60"

Description:  This crepe woven is lightweight, semi-sheer, and has a slight stretch. This woven is popular amongst garment manufacturers and can be seen in flowy tops, hankerchief dresses, kimonos, shawls, skirts,rompers, and off the shoulder blouses. It commonly referred to as bubble crepe, textured crepe, polyester crepe, occasionally georgette. It has the qualities of a chiffon in flow and weight of fabric, but also has a slight stretch and crepe textured face. 

Machine wash cold. Hang Dry. ( Recommend placing in an undergarment bag to avoid snagging

End of Bolt Price of $15.00 for 3.5 yard cut