End of Bolt: 3 yard Swim pack- as pictured

End of Bolt: 3 yard Swim pack- as pictured

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SKU: 52401

Content: Nylon/Spandex

Width: Mesh- 66", Swim Knits- 58"/60"

Description: End cuts of these knits- average about a yard some about 1-1/8th yards.

Includes: At least 1 yard of Nude Stretch Mesh ( Tan color) Nylon Spandex, 1 yard of Black Nylon Spandex Knit 4 way stretch ( may- either be matte or slight sheen), and 1 yard of swim/performance abstract Ocean Lines Knit.- Excellent quality, lightweight. 2 yards of Swim Cotton Elastic 3/8th yards.

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* Fabric ships in a Flat rate envelope. Next shipping Tier Applies for additional fabrics.

Fabric is sold by the yard and cut in continuous lengths.



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